“Liberty Theatre” offers only truth and the party to the public. Since the foundation in 2001, “Liberty Theatre” is the most successful theatre in Georgia and has a status of favourite theatre among the youth. We always try to speak about modern problems of our country.

“Liberty Theatre” is situated at the downtown, between metro station Liberty Square and State Chancellery. The building has a form of the ship, which symbolizes the freedom of our theatre. We are a private company founded by prominent director Avtandil Varsimashvili.

Our ideology is to make social and political plays and to talk openly about major issues in the country. When “Liberty theatre” was founded, it was the only Georgian theatre, which openly opposed then political establishment and ideology in the country. In 2002 then president Shevardnadze even held a government meeting, dedicated to close the theatre, but active support of the citizens saved the company.

Even though, our theatre is private, we have our troupe and about about 50 external actors. Many young actors and actresses have become famous through our theatre. Niko Gomelauri, one of the biggest star of Georgian theatre and film played almost all of his plays at our theatre. He was the face of “Liberty Theatre”, before passing away. Our theatre’s garden is named under him. Also some legendary actors performed on our stage. One of the icons of Georgian theatre Misha Jojua played his last play at the “Liberty Theatre”.

“Liberty Theatre” is the only Georgian company, which has toured in every single region of Georgia, including occupied territory of South Ossetia and Upper Abkhazia.

Our company has a very successful career abroad. We have toured in countries like: Germany, England, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Armenia etc.

Our success would have been impossible to achieve without our financial partners. Tbilisi City Hall has supported some of our plays. Also our staff members receive donations from Cartu Fund.